Route 66 Bibliography

Bibliography of Route 66 Source Books

Route 66 Dining and Lodging Guide, Lake Arrowhead, CA, National Route 66 Association 15th Edition (2011)

The National Route 66 Association has a group of volunteers called Adopt-a-Hundred members. Each of those volunteers is assigned a stretch of Route 66 over which they collect the names, addresses and other valuable information about the hotels and restaurants along their assigned portions of Route 66. The information is updated every other year. No establishment can pay or otherwise advertise to be mentioned in the book. There are lots of black and white pictures.

FREETH, Nick Traveling Route 66, Norman, Oklahoma, University of Oklahoma Press (2001).

This small book has hundreds of color pictures. It does not have the turn by turn directions or the detailed formal history of some other Route 66 books, but it has interesting factoids not found elsewhere. It is a fun book to thumb through.

HINKLEY, JIM, Ghost Towns of Route 66, Minneapolis, MN, Voyageur Press (2011).

This book has wonderful photographs of Route 66 ghost towwns along with a narrative providing interesting historical references and details of these long-abandoned towns. This is much more than a coffee table book.

JENSEN, Jamie, Road Trip USA Route 66, Berkeley, CA, Persius Book Group (2009).

This is a book of manageable size that includes many small color photos and nice descriptions of Route 66 history and attractions. The phone numbers of many attractions are provided. It does not have turn by turn directions.

KNOWLES, Drew, Route 66 Adventure Handbook, Solana Beach, CA, Santa Monica Press LLC,Fourth Edition (2011).

This is one of the more entertaining Route 66 guides. It has general, but not turn by turn directions. This is a great book for those who want to see the essentials of Route 66 without becoming a Route 66 scholar.The narratives are informative without giving excessive detail. There are many black and white photos, and plenty of helpful maps. One of the cool things about this book is that the author makes many references to a 1957 Rand McNally Road Atlas he owns that still included Route 66. Before the national highway system started bypassing towns.

McCLANAHAN, Jerry, EZ 66 Guide for Travelers, Lake Arrowhead, CA, 2nd Edition, National Historic Route 66 Association (2008).

This is perhaps the most complete guide to Route 66 available. It includes turn by turn directions going east and west for all alignments of Route 66 and a detailed history of the Mother Road. It is a spiral bound book that helps for easy use. There are no photos, but plenty of maps and drawings. This book is great for those who want to find out all they can about Route 66.

SNYDER, Tom, Route 66 Traveler's Guide and Roadside Companion, New York, NY, St Martin's Griffin (2000).

This book is written by the founder of the US Route 66 Association. It has good, but not turn by turn directions. There are lots of maps and photos, but no color photos. The Route 66 history and descriptions of attractions are excellent.

WOODWARD, Kirk, Motorcycle Guide to Histotic Route 66, The Mother Road, Grapevine, TX, HHJM, Inc. (1995).

This is the only book of which we are aware about Route 66 for bikers. It includes details of state motorcycle laws, lisings of motorcycle shops along Route 66, as well as well as turn by turn directions. It also has a diary of the author's experiences in his travels along Route 66. The biggest problem with this book is that it has not been updated in any meaningful way since its publication.

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