Victor Victoriaville
June 8, 2015

Sam the Biker Final 1

By Sam Allen

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Inside the California Route 66 Museum

By: Sam Allen

A while ago I stayed in Victorville, CA.
On the way into town I visited the California Route 66 Museum in Old Town Victorville. It is in a 5,000 square foot facility that once was a Red Rooster Restaurant. There are three viewing rooms that feature rotating displays of memorabilia the Museum owns as well as borrowed exhibits. There are lots of photos of Victorville and the surrounding area depicting old Route 66 days. The folks who run the place are friendly and knowledgeable. It doesn't take long to visit and it's worth the stop.

I read a bunch of reviews about the Museum, and they all were positive. One was entitled "Hidden Gem in a Scary Town." Keep reading and you'll find out just how informative that is.


I didn't stay here and meet the resident chicks.

After visiting the Museum I headed into town. I found that Victorville is, well, different.

I planned to stay at the New Corral Motel because it has a recently restored Route 66 sign of a rearing palomino. I asked a local about the New Corral and he euphemistically told me that I could "...meet some chicks" there.

Not to be deterred, I stopped into a local bar and asked about the New Corral, and the bartender told me that if I stayed there I "...definitely would get robbed."

So much for the New Corral.

I wound up staying at the Green Tree Inn, which was pretty worn, but overall OK. I didn't meet any chicks, but at least I didn't get robbed.

I Googled local bars, and it looked to me like a place called T-Zers was the place to go. I asked the clerk in the lobby of my hotel for directions, and she told me it was closed because two people were murdered there a couple of weeks previously.

So much for T-Zers.

I looked for another bar and wound up at Johnnie Fingers Sports Bar. It turned out to be a pretty friendly place, with cold beer and good drinks.

While I was there, someone came in and asked if anybody had any news about a shooting at the Dollar General. The bartender said she had heard about it an hour or so ago. The guys who had come in said that the police had just arrived at the crime scene.

Like I said, Victorville is different!


This orange stand at Bono'sDeli is one of the last remaining in the California Chain.

I left Victorville the next morning and headed toward LA. I stopped off at Bono's Deli in Fontana, which has been around since 1936. It is owned by Sonny's uncle. I had saved up my appetite because I wanted to have lunch there. Unfortunately, it was closed, and I was told they would reopen in six months.

So much for Bono's.

I was supposed to pick up a chick who was flying in to meet me in LA and ride back to Houston. She cancelled on me, so after I hit LA, I turned around and headed back east.

So much for the chick.

I wound up back in Victorville at the same hotel I had stayed in the previous night. I was ready for a cold beer, and the lady at the check-in desk directed me to the hotel bar. When I got there I found a crowd leaving who told me that they had been waiting for an hour for the bar to open, and that they had given up.

So much for a cold beer.

So, I decided to write this Blog before going to the Iron Hog Saloon in Oro Grande. It's a hard core old school biker place about ten miles east of Victorville that I had wanted to try for a long time. While I was riding there I thought that with my recent luck it had burned down.

Stay tuned for an account of my adventure at the Iron Hog!

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