Texas has fewer miles of Route 66 than any State other than Kansas. That's because it goes through the Texas Panhandle. Most of Texas' Route 66 follows the Frontage Road along I-40, diverting only to go through the old Route 66 towns along the way.

You might get tempted to cut time by staying on I-40 to each town. Avoid this temptation. The Frontage Roads may be slower, but they have terrain and curves not found on I-40, and they are more fun to Ride.

Even though there are not all that many Route 66 towns in Texas, there is a lot to see.

In Shamrock you'll find the U Drop Inn, a restored 1936 service station now serving as the offices of the Chamber of Commerce. It features two steeples and a restored neon sign. Shamrock also has a piece of the True Blarney Stone from Ireland.

McLean has has a Route 66 Museum and the oldest Phillips 66 Station on Route 66.

In Conway, there are the tilted Britten water tower and the largest Christian Cross in the Western hemisphere.

Amarillo has the Cadillac Ranch, the Big Texan Steak House and a restored Route 66 district with several good biker bars and restaurants.

In Adrian, you'll hit the mid-point of Route 66 between Chicago and LA.

Have fun over the 178 miles of Texas Route 66!

Click here, to see the first town in Texas, Shamrock.

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