California here you come!

Route 66 through California has four distinct sections.

The first section starts in Needles, which is an old railroad town with lots of Route 66 motels, restaurants and relics. You will find the el Garces, which was a railroad depot and luxury hotel at the beginning of the 20th century. There also is an old covered wagon that the locals claim was used on the old TV show Death Valley Days, which was hosted by the great Renaldus Magnus (aka Ronald Reagan).

Afrer leaving Needles, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that you will be traveling on one of the longest stretches of the old road still in existence, which has such classic Route 66 attractions as Roy's in Amboy, the Amboy Crater, the Bagdad Cafe' and the Shoe Tree. The bad news is that this great ride is through the Mojave Desert, and temperatures in the summer can top 120 degrees. Take plenty of water and be sure to gas up, because it can be a long way between gas stations.

The Second section of California's Route 66 goes from Barstow to San Bernardino. During this portion of the ride, you will have to spend some time on Interstate hiways, but the views over Cajon Pass are spectacular. There will be several opportunities to get off of the Interstate and follow some old road through some very pretty country.

The third section is from San Bernardino to LA. You will pass the Wigwam Motel in Rialto, and Bono's Deli in Fontana, which has been operated by Sonny's family since the 1930's. Much of this section of California's Route 66 is through modern towns that have lost their Route 66 "feel." But this section ends in Pasadena, home of the Rose Bowl. This modern city still holds much old Route 66 charm, and you will find plenty of vintage motels, bars and restaurants to visit.

The fourth and final segment of Rouite 66 is from LA to the terminus of Route 66 in Santa Monica. You will follow Santa Monica Boulevard for only 10 miles, but those 10 miles might take several hours to negotiate. As slow as the ride can become, there is lots to see, including a of the famous Hollywood sign, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, the Troubadour, which is one of the legendary music venues in the world, and the Santa Monica Pier at the end of your journey.

Have fun in Sunny California, and congratulate yourself on having finished an honest motorcycle ride that riders worldwide dream of, but only the most adventurous finish.

Click here, to see the first town in California, Needles.

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