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Goffs, CA

June 05, 2020

There is not much in Goffs today. No phone, no lights no motor cars, not a single luxury.

But at one time, Goff's was a big railroad town, and it was a major Route 66 stopping point until 1931, when a more direct route was built to connect Needles and Amboy.

The old General Store building is still there, but has been abandoned. There is a restored 1914 school house that houses a museum featuring the area's mining history.

from Goffs:

From Goffs, follow Goffs Rd 11 miles to Fenner

from Goffs:

From Goffs, follow Goffs Rd to US 95 - Go right onto US 95 to I-40 toward Needles - Take the River Rd Cutoff Exit, cross I-40, then go right on National Trails Hwy following the Route 66 signs - Merge into Needles Hwy, cross I-40, and follow Bus 40 into Needles - Bear right on Broadway following the Historic Route 66 signs through Downtown Needles (Note: Route 66/ Bus 40 will take a sharp right halfway through town; be careful not to miss this turn)

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