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Girard, IL

June 05, 2020

Girard is a town of under 2,500 on the original Route 66. There is a town square just off of Hwy 4. The Red Bird Cafe and and Andy's Bar are on the Square. 

Doc's Soda Shop is housed in the old Deck's Drug Store, which was established in 1884. The Deck family operated it for three generations until 2001. In 2007, the old soda fountain was reopened for soda and lunch.

Some other classic Route 66 sites in Gerard include The Illinois Terminal System Railroad Depot, now a private home with the old depot preserved; and The Grand Army of the Potomac Soldier's Monument, which honors Civil War veterans (of the Yankee variety).

The ride to Nilwood winds off of Hwy 4 and follows a long loop in which the street names change with the turns, but it really is one continuous road that ends up back on Hwy 4 by the Iron Sleds MC Clubhouse. Its another bumpy ride that's worth it.

from Girard:

Follow 6th St out of Girard - At the Stop sign at Hwy 4 keep going straight across Hwy 4 onto Cambridge Rd - Follow Cambridge as it curves around and becomes Wylder, then Morean, then Pine St, and then Morean again - Follow to the Junction Of Hwy 4 by the Iron Sleds MC Clubhouse in Nilwood.

from Girard:

From Girard, follow Hwy 4 to Virden

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