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Riverton, KS

June 05, 2020

The ride into downtown Riverton is not as quaint as the ride into Galena, but still is a nice ride into a small Kansas town.

One of the first places you will encounter is the rustic Nelson's Old Riverton Store (formerly Eisler's), which has been in operation since 1925. It started out as a gas station, but for years has been a small grocery store and deli that serves lunch. They also have a good collection of Route 66 souvenirs.

As you head towards Baxter Springs, you can jog over and cross the Brush Creek Bridge. The original bridge was built in 1923, but was demolished and replaced with the current bridge in 1986. It purportedly is the only remaining Marsh Arch Bridge on Route 66. Marsh Arch Bridges were designed by James Barney Marsh, who patented this form of concrete reinforced bridge in 1911. Hundreds of them were built through the 1930's. They were called Rainbow Bridges because of their distinctive rainbow-shaped arches.

Country singer Brad Paisley performed Route 66 on the bridge for the TCL Special Route 66: Main Street America.

from Riverton:
Baxter Springs

From Riverton, go right to the Junction of US 400 &69A - Go straight on Beasley Rd - There will be a sign painted on the road telling you to jog right (There is no regular Historic Route 66 sign) - Go right as directed on the painted sign in the road to Rainbow Bridge - Go 50 yards and get back onto the main road, which now will be 50th St and then Willow St - Curve left onto 3rd St - Go right at the Stop sign onto US 69A/Military Ave through Baxter Springs

from Riverton:

From Riverton, folow KS Hwy 66 to 7th St in Galena - Go left on Main St through Downtown

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