Baxter Springs, KS

June 05, 2020

Baxter Springs has been known as the toughest town in Kansas, the first cow town in Kansas and the most robbed town in Kansas.

Baxter Springs was the site of an infamous Civil War masacre. Quantrill's Raiders attacked a contingent of Union forces in Baxter Springs. The Union soldiers surrendered and then were gunned down. Over 110 Union Soldiers were killed.

After the Civil War, Baxter Springs prospered as a cattle town. It later prospered from as a resort community and later as a mining town. Mickey Mantle, whose father was a miner in nearby Commerce, Oklahoma, played ball for the Baxter Springs Whiz Kids.

Today, Baxter Springs is a thriving small town with many well preserved 19th century brick buildings, several of which have old painted advertisements or murals on them. There is a Visitors Center in an old Phillips 66 Station, and several restaurants if you are hungry.

The Cafe' on the Route and the Little Brick Inn (a B&B) are in a former bank building that was robbed by Jesse James. The former Murphy's Restaurant (now closed) also is in a former bank building that was robbed in 1914.

As you leave Baxter Springs, you will be heading into the Quapaw (pronounced O-Gah-Paw) Nation. If you are a gambler, there are a couple of casinos.

from Baxter Springs:

From Baxter Springs, follow US 69A to Oklahoma and Quapw - When you cross into Oklahoma, Hwy 69A will become Hwy 69

from Baxter Springs:

From US 69A/Military Ave in Downtown Baxter Springs, turn left onto Third St (There is no Third St sign, so take the next left past 4th Street) - Third St will become Willow Ave, then 50th St then Beasley Rd - Keep going to a traffic circle, and follow the signs to stay on Route 66 - Keep going on Route 66 into Riverton

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