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Commerce, OK

April 13, 2020

Commerce is a mining community that was Mickey Mantle's hometown. You can see his boyhood residence at 319 S Quincy St. There is a plaque on the front door with some interesting information about his boyhood.

Surprisingly, although there is a Mickey Mantle Boulevard and statue of The Mick at Mickey Mantle Field, Commerce has not capitalized on his fame. There was a movement to build a Mickey Mantle Museum, but it apparently was decided it needed to be in a bigger town (aka, it would have been too expensive to build and operate in Commerce).

Nonetheless, Commerce has quite a bit of Route 66 to see. There is a 1925 Marathon Station, and across the street, a vintage Dairy King.

In April 1934, Bonnie and Clyde killed Commerce police officer William Campbell at present day E 60 Rd and Tahoe Drive. Former Commerce resident Doyle Alsbury saw it happen when he was a boy and later painted a sign on the road to mark the spot. Bonnie and Clyde were were killed a month after the shooting.

There is a local motorcycle shop called Bike Go.

from Commerce:
North Miami

From Main St in Commerce, go straight on US 69 to North Miami

from Commerce:

From Mickey Mantle Blvd in Commerce, follow US 69 North into Quapaw

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