Erick, OK

February 11, 2019
As you come into town you will be greeted by the crowned Cabana Motel sign. Alas, there is no motel.

Erick is Roger Miller's home town, and everything in town is named for him. Old Route 66 is even renamed The Roger Miller Expressway. I wouldn't call it an expressway, but it is a good road into this small town. Interestingly, you will follow two now abandoned lanes of the original roadway.

The other celebrity from Erick is Sheb Wooley. He wrote the 1950s hit Purple People Eater, but was more notable for his acting career. He was in High Noon, Giant, and The Outlaw Josey Wales, among others. He also was on many TV Westerns, including playing Pete Nolan on Rawhide. He wrote the song for the TV show Hee Haw.

A couple of blocks down is the Roger Miller Museum. Across the street is the 100th Meridian Museum in the 1907 First National Bank building, which features an exhibit about the disputed boundery between Texas and Oklahoma and a Route 66 exhibit.

Just a few feet away is the Brandin' Iron, where you can get a cold beer.

Erick is home to The Sandhills Curiosity Shop at 201 S Sheb Wooley, which claims to be the most unique roadside establishment along Route 66. It is run by Harley and Annabelle Russell, who entertain customers with their own music and humor. There are thousands of artifacts to enjoy. Locals tell me it's rarely open these days, and the phone has been disconnected. Still, give it a try.

The ride from Erick to Texola goes through flat grasslands. Be ready for some tumbleweeds. mark
from Erick:
From Erick, stay on Bus 40 onto Route 66 through Texola into Texas

from Erick:
From Erick, stay on Bus 40 through town - Follow the signs to Sayre - When approaching Sayre, a few hundred yards before the American Lodge and Suites, go left onto US 66 (Be Alert, the sign is small and hard to read) - Follow along side the brick wall by the Park on the right, and when it ends, go right and follow the road through the Park - Once through the Park, go left (There is no sign, but you will be on Bus 40/US 283/4th St into Downtown Sayre) - Stay on Bus 40 past Main St and keep going straight on 4th St - Go right on Bus 40 - Just past Western Technology Center, go left on N Frontage Rd

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