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Lupton , AZ

October 21, 2016
Lupton is the first town in Arizona, right on the State line. It is in the midst of some beautiful red sandstone formations with wind-blown caves.

There are a bunch of tourist stops, like the "Largest Tee Pee in the Southwest," the Chief Yellowhorse Trading Post and Indian Village. Some of these spots are seasonal, but others are open in the winter.

There is a Speedy's Truck Stop if you need gas.

When you cross under I-40 you will find the Indian Market, long gone trading post in a geodesic dome. Pretty cool.

While you are on I-40 on your way to Sanders, you will pass several souvenir and jewelry places including Fort Defiance. Some people claim that some scenes from the TV show F Troop were filmed there, but I'm not sure that's true. In appeared closed for a while, but it was open the last time I went by.
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