Mitchell, IL

June 05, 2020

Mitchell is the last town before passing by the Chain of Rock Bridge on the way to St Louis. There are a few vintage motels that look OK on the outside but are pretty rough inside. The only reason to stay in one of them is to assure a short drive to safety after a night at the Luna Café.

The Luna Cafe with its restored classic neon sign has been a great stopping off point since 1924, and in its heyday, had booze and gambling. The bright red cherry on the sign told customers that hookers were available. It is a good biker stop today, but it must have been fantastic when Road Houses offered one stop shopping!

The bartender told me the Luna Cafe' is a Hells Angels hang-out. I saw some supporters, but no AJs.

The ride from Mitchell to St Louis is complicated. You will go from rural roads to highways and then go back onto rural roads before finally getting on the interstate. Be patient and follow our directions carefully and you shouldn't have too much of a problem.

from Mitchell:
St Louis

From Mitchell, follow Chain of Rocks Rd through the Hwy 111 Junction - Go left onto the I-270 West on ramp - Exit on Old Alton Rd - Go right and cross under I-270 - Go right onto Frontage Rd - At a light with signs to Route 66 and to Spur Route 66, go right with Route 66 - Go right onto I-270 West - Take Exit 34 (Riverview Dr.) off of I-270 - Go left onto Riverview Dr South following the sign toward St Louis and follow it through a Stop light, a Stop sign and four more Stop lights - Go left on Broadway by the Speedie Gas Station (Be Alert. The Speedie is on the other side of the road on your left and hard to see) - Just past a RR overpass, go right onto Calvary (between two cemeteries) - Go left onto Florrisant when the cemeteries end - Get on I-70 East toward Downtown St Louis and follow it to the Junction of 1-64/I-55/I-70 - Get on I-55 S and take Exit 207 (12th St/Gravois - Go strait through Russell Blvd onto Gravois/Hwy 30 in St Louis - Go right on Chippewa, which will become Watson Rd.

from Mitchell:

From Mitchell, follow Chain of Rocks Rd. Go past the Junction with Hwy 111 and go straight over I-225 Follow Hwy 157 several miles to Edwardsville. Go right on St. Louis St. Go right at a fork and stay with Hwy 157 (vandalia St) thrugh Downtown Edwardsville.

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