Topock, AZ

June 05, 2020

There are some unusual pine trees on the way in to Topock.

Topock is known for boating. It also has the 1919 Old Arch Trails Bridge, which used to be the Old Route 66 Bridge. It carried traffic until 1947 when the deck was removed to accommodate a natural gas pipeline. The Bridge was featured in the opening credits of Easy Rider and Henry Fonda actually crossed the Bridge while filming The Grapes of Wrath.

Topock also is at the starting end of the Annual Historic Fun Run , in which hundreds of classic cars are driven to Seligman, AZ.

from Topock:

From Topoc, get on I-40 and cross the Colorado River into California - Go past the first Exit (even though the Exit sign says Historic Route 66) - Go through the Inspection Station and get off I-40 at the Blythe Rd/US 95 Exit - Go left toward US 95 - Go two miles to a Stop sign and bear right onto US 95 N (becomes Broadway) and follow it into Needles - Stay on Broadway through town - Follow Bus 40 and cross an overpass - Continue to a Stop sign and go left on Needles Hwy - Go under I-40, then curve right and cross I-40 - Do not get on I-40 towrd Barstow. Instead, go straight ahead - At a Y, bear left following the Route 66 sign - At the T, go left and get on I-40

from Topock:
Golden Shores

From Topock, cross I-40 to Oatman Hwy - Follow Oatman Hwy to Golden Shores.

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